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So I recently got back from a birthright trip to Israel, where we met some really great people including 7 Israeli soldiers. And we have been given the chance to win reunion for all of us, including the soldiers in New York through the a competition between the groups, but like all the other groups we wanted to win, so now it’s down to a tie-breaker. We each made a video about our time in Israel and IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF YOU COULD GO VOTE FOR OUR VIDEO… It is GROUP 500 (the fourth video, if you would like to watch it) and you can just vote at the bottom.

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Go Badgers #uwmadison #badgers #Rosebowl #fuckstanford
Back to Cali… Nice morning drive down PCH #nosnow #justspeed #winterbreak
Finals Cancelled Tomorrow Yippy and 2 ft of snow #hugesnowballfight #blizzarddraco #madison #bascomehill #snowday

(by scottwalkers)

1977 - 79 Lotus Esprit… 
I’m selling two Student Section Rose Bowl tickets… Anyone interested??

University of Wisconsin - Madison Badgers vs. Stanford Cardinals
It’s a snowing… 3 finals down 1 left #uwmadison #snow #almostbackinlongbeach #winterbreak (at Camp Randall Sports Center (The Shell))
Winter has started… #fuckitsalreadycold #stillwaitingforsnow #madison #foreverfreezing (Taken with Instagram at Madison Wisconsin)
Under the Bridge (By Eric Israel)
Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Port of Long Beach
What do you guys think? I saw it at the swap meet. A 1972 Datsun 510 (2 door). It has a full interior, nice body, and a transmission, but no motor… He wants $6k for it but I think I could get it for 3k… Do you think it’s a good buy and just put an engine in it myself and fix it up?
    Some guys think that if you have a cooler car, you are better than other guys… And those guys are right….
Just what I needed… A huge speeding ticket… I’m sort of glad he only clocked me at 87mph, not what I was doing earlier haha. I would have rather gotten my first speeding ticket in my camaro not in my brothers jeep, but oh well. Now to hide this from my dad until I pay it off…
"Sometimes students from other schools will ask me where I went to college and I will say ‘Wisconsin.’ Their excited expression will instantly turn to shame and all they will manage to get out is ‘oh’ because instantly they will know no story they can tell will top what I have done. I will not need to say a thing, they will just understand. They know that their wildest night of college was just a regular Thursday for us. We Wisconsin kids are a special breed. And trust me, everyone else is jealous."